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George Grossmith Songs and Sketches

The George Grossmith Birthday book was compiled and released in 1904 by Sylvia Grossmith Bevan and Cordelia Grossmith, daughters of George Grossmith. The book contains 366 different quotations from the writings of Gee-gee: his books, plays, skits, speeches, remembrances and songs.

This George Grossmith Songs and Sketches book contains a selection of complete items from which extensive quotations have been taken for The George Grossmith Birthday Book. Included herein are the complete songs:

  • The Duke Of Seven Dials
  • The Happy Old Days At Peckham
  • His Nose Was On The Mantelpiece
  • An Awful Little Scrub
  • The Lost Key
  • See Me Dance The Polka
  • The Baby On The Shore
  • He Was A Careless Man
  • He Was A Careful Man

Highlighted in bold are the song parts which are also in the Birthday Book. 

Also included are the complete musical sketches:

  • Castle  Bang
  • Carrottina

Highlighted in bold are the sketch parts which are also in the Birthday Book.

The editor concluded The George Grossmith Birthday Book with complete songs of "The Duke of Seven Dials," "The Happy Old Days at Peckham" and "His Nose Was On the Mantelpiece." These are also included in this book; there may be differences in words, which reflect a variation between the original sources and what Sylvia and Cordelia remembered or chose to use.

"The Lost Key" is a parody of "The Lost Chord," with words by Adelaine Procter and music by Arthur Sullivan. Both songs have been shown herein.

"His Nose Was On the Mantelpiece" refers to the Irish folk song lament "Molly Bawn," where a young lover accidentally shoots his intended bride. Both songs are included.

"Castle Bang" and "Carrottina" have been edited to remove stage directions in order to provide a user friendly reading copy.

The Grossmith sisters attribute their Birthday Book August 27 entry to "Castle Bang" but it is from "Carrottina"

        I am a very wicked man, as any one can see,
        Excuse the grammar, but there ain't a chap as bad as me.

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